Formalization of the contractual relations

We provide preparation and legal analysis of draft treaties, alignment and negotiation with other parties as to the terms of contract, advice on how to choose a way of guaranteeing fulfilment of obligations, acceptance of the provisions of the treaty are null and void, and also contract enforcement.

Assistance on taxation

We provide more and better information on specificities of appeal against tax assessment notice, effective remedies for your business when it is investigated with supervisory bodies, legal position drafting on issues related to tax disputes, as well as we provide information on recent trends in tax legislation and jurisprudence.


We provide legal support on an insolvency proceeding for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and we also provide services by an independent insolvency practitioner.

Representation of interests of private entrepreneurs and legal entities in courts of all instances and specialisations

In behalf of private entrepreneurs and legal entities we provide pre-trial preparation for a court case, draft and file a statement of claim, draft procedural documents and procedural request during the trial, draft appeal and cassation proceedings in courts of all instances.

Representation of interests of private entrepreneurs and legal entities in public, private and other organization

We represent of interests in every institution, enterprise organizations of Ukraine irrespective of their form of ownership or subordinating (including in internal affairs agencies, notaries, structures of power, banks, etc.), as well as in all State institutions, administrative, public and commercial institutions, including representation of interests towards the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Service Prosecuting Authority and the Security Service of Ukraine. Legal assistance in enforcement proceedings.

«We provide our client with only truthful information as to our own legal view, thereby ensuring the fulfilment of our commitments.»

Our principles



We are a guarantee of the safety and confidentiality of your information.



Our professional team is the key to dealing with the objectives.



We provide our client with truthful information as to the task at hand and guarantee its implementation.



Our results are our financial and strategic profit.